The power of positive thinking.

Do you know that the only thing that stands between you and a peaceful positive mind is the internal “virtual movie” that you call your “negative past” hijacking your mind on a regular basis? Do you know that means that not only are your thoughts and feelings negative much of the time but it’s because you are “asleep” in a “waking nightmare” that many find almost impossible to awaken from? Do you know that internal movie, which is generated and driven by negative memories from your past, can now be systematically and permanently turned off thereby helping you to become fully conscious, empowered and present, peaceful and positive? Want to learn more?

Have you ever stopped to reflect on where many of your negative thoughts and feelings actually come from? If you do you will invariably trace them back to something that has happened to you in the so-called past. In other words they are generated by old negative memories that are stored within you but remain mostly unconscious or outside of awareness.

For example suppose you have negative thoughts or feelings such as “I’m inadequate” or “I’m a loser”, where do you think those originate from. Well some of you might say that they are a reflection of your current life situation. For instance you may be unemployed, broke, without a relationship, etc. and justify to yourself that this is the reason why you are feeling the way you are.

I would however say that your current situation is actually generated by those negative thoughts and feelings and that their true source is farther back in your life.

An example of an early event/memory that might initially generate such negativity would be an event of abuse as a child that left you feeling bad, angry, like a victim, unloved, unlovable, unwanted, weak, vulnerable, defective, and inadequate as a person.

Such memories never actually go away rather they go “underground” into your mind / body or subconscious mind and there they behave like negative thought/feeling “factories” that “spew out” this negativity. The negativity then “floats up” into your conscious awareness, seemingly from out of nowhere and tries to hijack your mind and freewill.

This it does successfully because the onslaught is persistent and unstoppable. The effect is like that of a hypnotic suggestion that is regularly reinforced until the person believes it to be true. In other words the negative memory literally forces or seduces the individual into believing they are inadequate, even though that is not in their true nature.

As you can already see once the negativity takes hold it has the capacity to undermine the person’s strength, energy, motivation, self confidence, self worth, self esteem, freewill, performance, creativity, mood, enthusiasm for life and thereby destroys them and their life.

The secret to awakening from and freeing one’s self from this destructive negative trance is the permanent deletion of the source of all the negativity i.e. the complete erasure of the negative memories themselves. Is this possible, you ask? Absolutely!

A decade ago while exploring the nature of how memories are anchored within the mind it was discovered that they root themselves by lying to the individual about how or why they are supposedly “useful” to them. Through a simple analytical process it is possible to readily expose such lies i.e. make them fully conscious to the individual who is seduced by them.

As the person becomes aware of the small number of lies associated with any negative memory the latter literally dislodges from the mind / body and disintegrates forever. The experience after this process is one in which the event feels like it never actually happened!

Additionally there are numerous other positive and irreversible benefits i.e. one feels more confident, motivated, empowered, self assured, peaceful, resilient, awake, present, clear, and yes, positive just to name a few.

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